Benefits of individual designed houses

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Many home building companies use standard plans as a starting point for the design of new homes.


Houses are treated as commodities that are interchangeable and independent of location and users. I guess standard lot sizes and a flat section can give the impression that this is a valid process, but unfortunately this is not the case. Conditions will be very different on each site even if this may not look like it to the untrained eye. The biggest issue however is not even the site conditions, but the requirements of the people who are going to live in these houses. We are all from different backgrounds and have different priorities and desires.

To design a site appropriate house specially designed for each individual client, will not only enhance the living standards, but also reduce heating costs, increase comfort, express clients creativity, increase comfort, but will also increase the quality of each subdivision as a whole.


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Benefits of SIP panel construction

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

New Zealand is blessed with a moderate maritime climate. This means the temperature swings are modest compared to a land climate. You would think it is not too hard to design a house in NZ that is comfortable all year round without having to spend lots of money on heating and cooling?

Still most of the houses in New Zealand are either too hot in summer and/or too cold in winter due to a number of factors. The main ones being:


  1. Orientation of the house and glass openings.
  2. Poor insulation
  3. Thermal bridging of building elements. (eg. un insulated steel beams protruding to outside or no foundation perimeter insulation)
  4. Lack of thermal mass
  5. Air leakage from outside to inside
  6. Poor heating system


All these factors can be addressed during the design phase to create a house that uses Zero Energy for heating or cooling. SIP panels are a great product create a Zero energy house as they have a very high insulation value, prevent thermal bridging and are air tight ones in...

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How to choose a hillside section

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2020

Choosing a section for your new house is difficult enough, but choosing a sloping section can be a challenge. I have listed below the main issues to consider that will be helpful when choosing a hilly section.





The most important aspect of a hillside section is the slope. The steeper the slope, the more difficult it will be to build on  and the more expensive. Building a concrete slab on the ground is cheaper below appr. 7 degrees slope. Above that, using a timber floor is cheaper.

cost comparison of a 8.7x17.4 meter slab.

  1. Orientation


A north facing would be prefered as you can build a house with good solar gain. Second best would be West facing. The afternoon sun is much warmer compared to the morning sun so you can still get good solar gain, but you will need good shading as in the summer your house might get overheated. Third best option would be East facing. Morning sun will be nice, but you will lose the sun early in the day. The...

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