Benefits of individual designed houses

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Many home building companies use standard plans as a starting point for the design of new homes.


Houses are treated as commodities that are interchangeable and independent of location and users. I guess standard lot sizes and a flat section can give the impression that this is a valid process, but unfortunately this is not the case. Conditions will be very different on each site even if this may not look like it to the untrained eye. The biggest issue however is not even the site conditions, but the requirements of the people who are going to live in these houses. We are all from different backgrounds and have different priorities and desires.

To design a site appropriate house specially designed for each individual client, will not only enhance the living standards, but also reduce heating costs, increase comfort, express clients creativity, increase comfort, but will also increase the quality of each subdivision as a whole.

An argument to go for a standard house plans I hear often is that the client knows from the start how much the house is going to cost. This is hardly ever true. Any change in layout and materials usually incur hefty markups and lots of items are not included or of very basic standard. This lack of flexibility means that lots of compromises will have to be made resulting in a compromised end-result.

By the time the clients move in, the total building cost is often much higher compared to the price advertised.

So what is a better alternative? I have designed many houses for clients who have been to a home builder initially but were unable to find the plans they liked was unsuitable for their section due to slope, size or other matters.

The following simple steps will result in a great house exactly designed to the clients requirements.

  • Fill out a detailed brief so you are clear about what you want without anyone talking you into something.

  • Get a concept design done. This is a great start to your individual designed house. You get an good idea of the design options and pricing. A concept design is very affordable and provides you with high value plans and information.

  • develop the plans to a standard to be able to get a pricing done by a trusted builder and materials supplier.

  • Check pricing against budget. Adjust the design where needed and get building consent.


The whole process is really simple and efficient. Especially if you work with a selected builder. We work with some very competitive great builders in the area that will look after you. You will not be tied to one home building company but are free to choose the best one for your project..


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