What makes a home Modern?

Not necessary the location, but more the design style. Modern home qualities could be described as sophisticated, elegant and stylish. Architecture has evolved for centuries resulting in a very high quality design and construction method that has passed  the test of time.

The homes could be described as having the following qualities; clean lines, solid, warm, comfortable, functional and timeless.

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Queens road

A Very Modern luxury home, carefully crafted into the steep hillside overlooking Nelson Harbour.

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Modern Hill Terrain

European style modern passive solar home. Split level design on a steep West facing section.

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Port Hills Home

A Simplistic Modern home facing the ocean , carefully crafted open living

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Kina European

This top quality house at a beautiful location on the Kina Peninsula is build from Hebel.

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Pohara Oasis

Modern brutalistic Bach situated in Pohara Golden Bay

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Nelson City 

Nelson inner city apartment living  over 2 levels.

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Atawai European

Modern, European style, passive solar home on a steep West facing section in Atawai Nelson