Friday, 24 April 2015 02:49

Designing for AirBnB?

New websites are changing the way we live.

We are living is a time of huge changes and shifting boundaries.

You probably have heard of a website called “AirBnB" or another similar site?

These sites are revolutionizing the way we live and think about accommodation.

Public space has become more private and private space has become more public.

The needs and options for housing have changed dramatically. As house prices go up, more people are looking at options to gain extra income from their house by renting a room or part of the house using a website like AirBnB. The rental periods are very flexible and the rents paid are generally higher compared to a “normal” rental property. A great way to earn passive income without the need to go out and purchase a rental property. It is difficult to find a cash flow positive rental these days in most areas.

This offers many opportunities for homeowners as not only the financial gains can be used to pay of the mortgage but different rooms can be rented out at suitable times.

Or even when the children have left home, these rooms can be rented out during their absence. Home owners will also have more control over the renters as they will reside on the same property.


What does this mean for the way we design our houses?

The interesting part would be to design a spatial flexible house that allows for private space for the owners as a well as for the renters, but communal spaces can also be integrated eg. cooking facilities/laundry etc.

Part of the house could be separated with individual bathrooms and perhaps a separate entry?

Perhaps the rooms should be close to (semi)self containing? All within council regulations of course!

I believe there are lots of design options to help first homeowners to be able to afford a house and provide options for renters at the same time.

One shift I have already noticed  is a removal from rental property from the market resulting in less rental properties on offer and making renting more expensive.

And of course the hotels, some are now offering medium term rentals for a competitive price to avoid having empty units.

Warm regards, Stephan Meijer

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