Sunday, 24 May 2015 00:00

Very interesting door design


This door really opens right up.

Sometimes I am lucky enough to get a client with a wild idea. I love them.
In this case they wanted a door that tilts right up and forms a roof over a verandah when open.
Yes sure, lets do it. 6 meters wide? Why not.....
And this is the result!

The House and landscaping is not yet finished.
The door is 6x2.4meters in size. 2 hydrolic rams fixed to a steel portal frame provide enough power to list the door safely. The door is operated by pushing a button on the inside of the room. The operator has a good view of the door when pressing the button so he can see any obstacles. The door stops when the button is released. each ram is fitted with a counterbalance valves to prevent runaway door closing.

The door is part of a100 sqm  house extension we were involved in.


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