Wednesday, 15 October 2014 06:22

Why is reversed brick veneer so good?


What is reverse brick veneer?

Traditional a brick veneer wall is placed on the exterior of the framing, fixed with anchors.

A reverse brick veneer wall is positioned on the interior side of the framing.

The outside walls can be finished with cladding, stucco or whatever you choose.


What are the benefits?

Timber framed houses are quick to heat but will lose the warmth very fast because of a lack of thermal mass in these houses. Thermal mass is a high density (heavy) building material that absorbs any surplus heat and releases it slowly so the house has few or little temperature swings. These houses tend to be comfortable.

By now placing a brick veneer wall on the inside of the insulated wall framing, the house will be much warmer and comfortable. The interior walls can be finished in many ways; plasterboard, stucco exposed brick etc. You can even use earth blocks on the inside!

On the outside you can choose any council approved wall finish as for any timber framed house.


If you are worried about the performance of brick walls in an earthquake; modern brick veneer walls have actually performed really well in the Christchurch earthquakes. Ref.Link below

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