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How can we build better, affordable houses?

Have you noticed how expensive it is to build in New Zealand while the quality is often lacking.? For starters and people with low / average incomes, it is almost impossible to build a new home. And that while there is still plenty of land available.

Whether you have a large budget and you want something unique to live / work or you want an affordable shelter, I am able to surpass your expectations due to my innovative and original ideas.I am an expert in designing houses on steep hills and sloping sites.

Clients often come to me asking if I can design an affordable home for them because they can not find a suitable design from one of the housing companies.
I have proven that it is possible to design an individual home that meets all the requirements of the customer for the same or a lower price compared to a standard home over and over again.

If you have a larger budget, feel free to contact me. I can help you getting value for money and I really enjoy designing awesome houses / buildings using innovative solutions and the latest technological developments that may or may not be available yet in New Zealand.
Or sometimes we even invent new solutions if they are not available!

Due to my European background, I am able to design technically sophisticated, modern buildings and houses. I am an expert in providing difficult or new solutions to achieve the highest value for money in many situations.

It is common in Europe to engage an architect for the design of homes for people with smaller budgets. Clients in NZ often think engaging an registered architect will be out of their budget.
You may be surprised to find out about our low fees for small budgets.
Architect fees can further be reduced by eg. early involvement of external parties in the design process and by you doing the leg work. I have proven time and again that I am able to design a unique, quirky home that is affordable and user-friendly.

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Clients or potential clients ask me often how to design a cost effective eco house. There many factors that can add to the building cost but I have come across the following design parameters that have great influence on your bank account. I will not go into the design itself but just talk about the building systems.

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Focus on affordable and eco housing


Welcome to the new website of Stephan Meijer Architecture Ltd. We focus on affordable and eco housing. All our houses are individual designed to our clients requirements. No standard plans are used so you get exactly what your want! An awesome house designed to your needs that will serve you very well for years to come. We hope to contribute to a beautiful build environment in New Zealand.

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