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Focus on affordable and eco housing

Written by Stephan Meijer
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Welcome to the new website of Stephan Meijer Architecture Ltd. We focus on affordable and eco housing. All our houses are individual designed to our clients requirements. No standard plans are used so you get exactly what your want! An awesome house designed to your needs that will serve you very well for years to come. We hope to contribute to a beautiful build environment in New Zealand.


Our houses are individually designed to your needs but are as cost effective to build as a project home! Why build a project home? Most project homes look very similar and have no individual added value. Also most of these homes are of a standard plan and do not address the site specific requirements that make a house a great place to live in. Our houses are individually designed and address the site issues properly as well as all other specifications you have resulting in a truly beautiful home! We have a network of builders who are happy to price your house at any stage, so there will be no nasty budget surprises at the end of the building process.
Feel free to en-quire about our building cost at no obligation.


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